My Gear


Unmistakebly my favorite guitar for christal clear Strat sounds is this Custom Shop 1956 Relic Fender Stratocaster.  Special custom build "Ronnie Earl" pickups give the right bite and sparkle
My Gibson ES BB King "Lucille". The guitar with all sounds you may need. I replaced the original pickups by handmade Manalishi pickups from Larry Corsa (USA). They were specially designed for an excellent Peter Green tone. 
The pickups are handmade by Bob Gabriel from 4Seasons (NL). Vintage wiring also done by Bob. The pickups are custom designed for an excellent Peter Green tone.
My slide guitar, the Duesenberg Rezobro. Special floating brigde design with 2 Piezo's under the metal plate takes care for the Resonator ("Dobro") sound and can be mixed with a P90 (Neck) or 57 Humbucker (Brigde)

Les Paul, handbuild by Eric Smid (NL), the "Smitty". 
It is chambered in a special design in order to get the right amount of bass frequency.
Van Laeck ODS 50 Watt 2 Channel Combo with Fet Boost and Dumbleator FX Loop
Speaker: Celestion G12-65
Speaker Extension Cabinet EVM 12L

This amp is a Dutch handbuild Dumble clone of outstanding quality